Wilder Fight

Wilder Fight : Round-by-round updates as Deontay Wilder looks to defend his WBC heavyweight title in a showdown with Tyson Fury at the MGM Grand on Saturday night.

Boxing Fight 2020
Team : Wilder vs Fury
Date : Saturday, February 22

The MGM Grand Garden Arena to open at 2 p.m. for the start of the undercard ahead of the Deontay Wilder-Tyson Fury rematch, It has been nearly 15 years since Mike Tyson’s last competitive boxing match, but the former knockout artist still draws crowd in Las Vegas.

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That’s quite a line. Disneyland has nothing on Mike Tyson. Still, this should have been expected based on the way crowds were flocking to see Tyson during Friday’s Wilder-Fury weigh in. Tyson knows how to make a dramatic entrance, even when seemingly emerging from the bathroom.

Deontay Wilder’s power is called singular. That’s one way of saying it’s exceptional. But it’s another way of saying it’s one-dimensional. It’s both. The question is whether that one dimension, exceptional as it is, is enough to beat the many-sided skill set that Tyson Fury possesses and uses with all the guile of a street-corner magician.

Fury uses footwork, angles, feints and more than a few goofy gestures to confuse and distract. It will bewilder Wilder for a while. But it won’t beat him, not this time.

Fury has a problem. Wilder knows it. Fury does, too. There’s a long line of scar tissue above his right eye. It’s been on the mend since he needed 47 stitches for a deep wound suffered against Otto Wallin on Sept. 14. Under ordinary circumstances, it has healed. But boxing, especially the heavyweight version, is beyond ordinary. Punches land.

So, too, do elbows and foreheads. A rupture, a risk acknowledged by Fury a couple of months ago, is a threat to him and an invitation to Wilder. He’ll target it and reopen the wound, forcing a stoppage.

ury is a slick slugger who can box circles around Wilder if he’s on his A-game. He has brought on a new trainer in SugarHill Steward and is promising a knockout. It would be better for Fury to stick to the script of outboxing Wilder off his back foot instead of engaging in all-out war like he suggested.

He will save his chin from Wilder’s skull-crushing right hand, and the scar over his tattered right eye from potentially reopening to secure the upset.